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Though more at home in a string bikini, indolent Caribe Carmichael tries to play detective when her boyfriend is murdered.

What starts off as a search into his seedy past  turns into a wacky odyssey when Caribe becomes the target of a mad killer.


Frantic, she tries past-life regression, sees a modern-day medicine man, enlists the help of a sexy private eye, and even takes a jab at boxing lessons in a desperate search for clues to stop a twisted mind bent on ruining . . . well, just everything. 

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Note from Author

A devotee of mysteries, my writing is influenced by classic noir authors such as Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane and John D. MacDonald as well as current writers like Janet Evanovich and Kinky Friedman. All write in first person singular, squarely setting the books in the detective's head. 


While the early authors did not write comedy, both Evanovich and Friedman are as much about comedy as about solving a mystery and Just Stab Me In The Eye is the same. 


My book is also heavily influenced or perhaps inspired by The Big Liebowski, the Coen Brothers highly irreverent paean to the late 70's and early 80's Southern California post-hippy drug culture of specifically special burnouts. As I say in the Acknowledgement, The Dude Abides.